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Envisat MAVT-2003 - Working meeting on MERIS and AATSR Calibration and Geophysical Validation
  Table of Contents
(pdf document)

Session One
  ENVISAT and AATSR and MERIS status
(pdf document)


Session Two
  MERIS Calibration
(pdf document)


Session Three
  AATSR 1st Year Calibration Results
(pdf document)


Session Four
  MERIS Water Product Validation
(pdf document)


Session Five
  MERIS Atmosphere and Land Products Validation
(pdf document)

Session Six

Session 1 : ENVISAT and AATSR and MERIS status






P. Lecomte

Welcome Address



H. Laur




P. Goryl

Status of the AATSR and MERIS instruments and Quality Working Groups



P. Snoeij

MAVT validation overview


C. Brockmann

MERIS Match up distribution and IPF updates



G. Corlett

AATSR data distribution and IPF updates








Session 2: MERIS Calibration






S. Delwart

Introduction: MERIS 1 st year calibration results



G. Bazalgette

Spectral Features on reference diffusers


R. Preusker
J. Fischer

Spectral calibration of MERIS using the solar Fraunhofer absorption features



L. Bourg

Instrument modelling based on in-flight measurements



M. Bouvet

Optical sensors inter-comparison over snow covered target


J. Nieke

Satellite cross-calibration over snow fields


C. Bruegge

Radiometric study using MERIS, MISR and MODIS data


O. Hagolle

Validation of MERIS absolute calibration using natural targets


Y. Govaerts

Monitoring and comparing MERIS TOA radiances



M. Kneubueler

MERIS first year vicarious calibration results from Railroad Valley Playa


N. Martiny

In-orbit calibration of MERIS in the near infrared


F. Cabot
R. Santer

Vicarious calibration of MERIS over La Crau


J-M. Nicolas G. Becu

Vicarious radiometric calibration of MERIS using in-situ measurements from SIMBADA radiometer


D. Antoine

Vicarious calibration of MERIS over Boussole








Session 3: AATSR Calibration






D. Smith

AATSR 1 st  year calibration results



O. Hagolle

Validation of AATSR absolute calibration using natural targets


C. Poulsen,
P. Watts

MERIS/AATSR calibration using Arctic stratus and Tropical Cb clouds







Session 4: MERIS Water Product Validation






J.-P. Huot




D. Antoine

Validation of MERIS level 2 geophysical products derived above oceanic case 1 waters



J. Fishwick
R. Barlow
J. Aiken
V. Martinez

Validation of MERIS surface reflectances and CHL1 and 2 products during the BENCAL cruise (2002)


G. Moore
C. Llewlyn
 S. Lavender
J. Fishwick

Radiometric and chlorophyll 1 assessment of the MERIS sensor over oligotrophic waters using the spatially extensive Atlantic Meridional Transect database.


J.-M. Nicolas
P.Y. Deschamps

MERIS level  2 products validation using SIMBADA radiometer network


K. Sørensen,
M. Grung,

An intercomparison of in-vitro chlorophyll-a concentrations


S. Kratzer,
T. Smythe

Atmospheric correction above turbid waters, validation and prospects


S. Bélanger,
J.-P. Huot,
G. Moore

Influence of NIR water absorption on aerosol detection in bright pixel atmospheric correction over turbid waters.


V. Martinez,
D. Blondeau-Patissier,
G.H. Tiltstone

Validation of MERIS geophysical products in the Western Channel, Celtic and North Sea .


K. Sørensen
J. Hoekedal
E. Aas
R. Doerffer
D. Severisen

Validation of MERIS water products in the Skagerrak


K. Ruddick
Y. Park

Preliminary validation of MERIS water products for Belgian Coastal Waters: 2002-2003


H. Siegel
T. Ohde
M. Gerth

Results of validation activities of ENVISAT MERIS geophysical products in the Baltic Sea and in Namibian upwelling area.


M. Liljeberg
S. Kratzer

Validation of MERIS data for environmental monitoring of water quality in the coastal zone.


N. Bahamon
A. Cruzado
Z. Velasquez
A. Weeks

Variability of the underwater light field and Chlorophyll a in the Blanes Canyon   (NW Mediterranean Sea) during the ENVISAT calibration exercise.


G. Zibordi
F. Mélin
J.-F. Berthon
D. van der Linde
B. Bulgarelli

An accuracy analysis of MERIS marine products for the AAOT site in the northern Adriatic Sea .


R. Doerffer
H. Shiller
H. Krasemann
K. Heymann
W. Cordes
W. Schönfeld
R. Röttgers
I. Behnert
P. Kipp

MERIS Level 2 Products- Case 2 Water validation.


F. Fell
M. Brozek
B. Herut
T. Johansen
R. Santer  

Validation of MERIS marine products in the framework of the SISCAL project.


A. Dekker K. Oubelkheir V. Brando A. Marks P. Daniel L. Clementson P. Fearns S. Phinn C. Roelfsema

The Australian MERIS validation project: First Results.


R. Doerffer

To the limits: analysis of MERIS spectra of cases with high SPM concentrations, sun glint, foam and haze.



A. Weeks A. Cruzado Z. Velasquez I.S. Robinson

Validation of MERIS Level 2 products in the North West Mediterranean and the Masacarene Ridge (Indian Ocean)


R. Pasterkamp H. Van der Woerd S. Peters M.A. Eleveld

Validation of MERIS L2 products in the North Sea : Dutch results for 2002-2003.


M. Babin

Validation of MERIS L2 products and of IOP-products relationships on the French Atlantic coast.








Session 5: MERIS Atmosphere and Land Products validation






M. Rast P. Goryl




D. Ramon R. Santer E. Dilligeard D. Jolivet

Validation of MERIS level 2 product over land using AERONET and MODIS data.


D. Ramon R. Santer L. Cazier

Accuracy of the surface pressure derived from the MERIS oxygen channel with respect to cloud flagging above land and ocean.


N. Gobron B. Pinty M. Taberner F. Mélin M. Verstraete

Evaluation of the MERIS Global Vegetation Index: methodology and first results.


F. Baret S. Garrigues D. Béal G. Derive C. Bacour M. Weiss

Validation of biophysical products derived from MERIS over VALERI sites


B. Hu J. R. Miller P. Zarco-Tejada J. Freemantle H. Zwick

Land Cover Mapping at BOREAS Study Area


P. Albert R. Preusker J. Fischer

MERIS Water Vapour Validation



R. Preuske P. Alber J. Fischer

MERIS Cloud Top Pressure Validation



C. Brockmann

Cloud Identification Tests



W. von Hoyningen - Huene  

State in Aerosol Remote Sensing for Atmospheric Correction of MERIS Land Surface Products



Session 6: AATSR Validation






D. Llewellyn-Jones

The AATSR validation programme – introduction and highlights


F. Prata

The AATSR LST Product



S. Hook F. Prata

AATSR Validation Results at Lake Tahoe CA /NV, USA



A. Birks

Status of the Operational LST Product



A. O’Carroll J. Watts R. Saunders L. Horrocks

Near-real time validation of the AATSR meteo-product at the Met Office


J. Remedios J. Aylmer-Brewin D. Levett D. Ridle  B. Mannering  M. Edwards  D. Llewellyn-Jones

Global comparisons of (A)ATSR data sets with other sensors


I. Barton A. Pearce

Validation of satellite-derived sea surface temperatures from AATSR data


T. Nightingale

SCIPIO – Validation of ATSR-2 and AATSR with SISTeR


E. Noyes B. Mannerings G. Corlett J. Remedios D. Llewellyn-Jones P. Minnett

Validation of AATSR SST with ship-based measurements from the M-AERI


C. Donlon  I. S. Robinson

Validation of AATSR SST with the ISAR







Session 7: Accuracies of the AATSR and MERIS Geophysical products






S. Delwart

AATSR and Meris Calibration



J.-P. Huot

Meris water products



K. Sørensen
R. Doerffer




P. Goryl M. Rast

Meris Land , Water Vapour and Clouds



G. Corlett

AATSR Calibration and SST and LST products







Appendix: MERIS and REVAMP protocols, list of participants







MERIS Protocols - Issue 1.3.5.




REVAMP Protocols




REVAMP Inter-calibration Final report




List of participants





Keywords: ESA European Space Agency - Agence spatiale europeenne, observation de la terre, earth observation, satellite remote sensing, teledetection, geophysique, altimetrie, radar, chimique atmospherique, geophysics, altimetry, radar, atmospheric chemistry