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StratOzone: SCIAMACHY Limb Data Archive for Ozone

Near-real-time ozone profiles are processed and made available at the SCIAMACHY StratOzone Data Archive at the University of Bremen.
Stratospheric ozone is a key element in the study of the earth system. The analyses from IUP at Bremen monitor the behavior of the "ozone hole" and mid-latitude ozone as halogen loading of the stratosphere reaches its maximum. The analyses exploit the limb measurement mode where tropospheric column amounts of ozone can be determined.
About Sciamachy: The SCIAMACHY instrument was proposed in 1988 by J. P. Burrows et al. After a feasibility study (phase A) in 1989-1990 led by Dornier and Fokker as prime contractors, SCIAMACHY was selected for flight by the European Space Agency (ESA) as an "Announcement of Opportunity" instrument. Subsequently a definition study (phase B) was carried out between 1991 and mid 1992. Meanwhile, the manufacturing phase (phase C/D) was completed. SCIAMACHY was then delivered to ESA and mounted on-board ENVISAT.

Source: University of Bremen

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