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MIPAS Data Formats Products
2 MDSR per MDS 1 forward sweep 1 reverse sweep
2 MDSRs per MDS 1 forward sweep 1 reverse sweep
LOS calibration GADS
Spectral Lines MDS
P T Retrieval MW ADS
VMR Retrieval Parameters GADS
P t Retrieval GADS
Framework Parameters GADS
Processing Parameters GADS
Inverse LOS VCM matrices MDS
General GADS
Occupation matrices for vmr#1 retrieval MDS
MDS2 -- 1 mdsr forward sweep 1 mdsr reverse
Occupation matrices for p T retrieval MDS
General GADS
Priority of p T retrieval occupation matices
P T occupation matrices ADS
Summary Quality ADS
Instrument and Processing Parameters ADS
Microwindows occupation matrices for p T and trace gas retrievals
Scan information MDS
Level 2 product SPH
MDS1 -- 1 mdsr forward sweep 1 mdsr reverse sweep
H2O Target Species MDS
P T and Height Correction Profiles MDS
Continuum Contribution and Radiance Offset MDS
Structure ADS
Summary Quality ADS
Residual Spectra mean values and standard deviation data ADS
PCD Information of Individual Scans ADS
Instrument and Processing Parameters ADS
Microwindows Occupation Matrices ADS
Scan Information MDS
1 MDSR per MDS
Scan Geolocation ADS
Mipas Level 1B SPH
Calibrated Spectra MDS
Structure ADS
Summary Quality ADS
Offset Calibration ADS
Scan Information ADS
Geolocation ADS (LADS)
Gain Calibration ADS #2
Gain Calibration ADS #1
Level 0 SPH
DSD#1 for MDS containing VMR retrieval microwindows data
DSD for MDS containing p T retrieval microwindows data
VMR #1 retrieval microwindows ADS
P T retrieval microwindows ADS
1 MDSR per MDS
VMR profiles MDS (same format as for MIP_IG2_AX)
Temperature profiles MDS (same format as for MIP_IG2_AX)
Pressure profile MDS (same format as for MIP_IG2_AX)
P T continuum profiles MDS (same format as for MIP_IG2_AX)
GADS General (same format as for MIP_IG2_AX)
Level 0 MDSR
Values of unknown parameters MDS
Computed spectra MDS
Jacobian matrices MDS
General data
Data depending on occupation matrix location ADS
Microwindow grouping data ADS
LUTs for p T retrieval microwindows MDS
GADS General
P T retrieval microwindows ADS
ILS Calibration GADS
Auxilliary Products
MIP_MW1_AX: Level 1B Microwindow dictionary
MIP_IG2_AX: Initial Guess Profile data
MIP_FM2_AX: Forward Calculation Results
MIP_CS2_AX: Cross Sections Lookup Table
MIP_CS1_AX: MIPAS ILS and Spectral calibration
MIP_CO1_AX: MIPAS offset validation
MIP_CL1_AX: Line of sight calibration
MIP_CG1_AX: MIPAS Gain calibration
MIP_SP2_AX: Spectroscopic data
MIP_PS2_AX: Level 2 Processing Parameters
MIP_PS1_AX: Level 1B Processing Parameters
MIP_PI2_AX: A Priori Pointing Information
MIP_OM2_AX: Microwindow Occupation Matrix
MIP_MW2_AX: Level 2 Microwindows data
MIP_CA1_AX: Instrument characterization data
Level 0 Products
MIP_RW__0P: MIPAS Raw Data and SPE Self Test Mode
MIP_NL__0P: MIPAS Nominal Level 0
MIP_LS__0P: MIPAS Line of Sight (LOS) Level 0
Level 1 Products
MIP_NL__1P: MIPAS Geolocated and Calibrated Spectra
Level 2 Products
MIP_NLE_2P: MIPAS Extracted Temperature , Pressure and Atmospheric Constituents Profiles
MIP_NL__2P: MIPAS Temperature , Pressure and Atmospheric Constituents Profiles
Glossaries of technical terms
Level 2 processing
Miscellaneous hardware and optical terms
Spectrometry and radiometry
Data Processing
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The MIPAS Instrument
Inflight performance verification
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Preflight characteristics and expected performances
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Latency, throughput and data volume
Auxiliary products
Level 2
Instrument specific topics
Algorithms and products
Level 2 products and algorithms
The retrieval modules
Computation of cross-sections
Level 1b products and algorithms
Calculate ILS Retrieval function
Level 1a intermediary products and algorithms
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Chapter 5

5.1 List of acronyms

AILS: Apodized Instrument Line Shape (i.e. Instrument Line Shape after apodization)
AATSR: Advanced Along Track Scanning Radiometer
ADC: Analog to Digital Converter
ADS: Annotated Data Set
ADSR: Annotated Data Set Record
AOCS: Attitude and Orbit Control System
ASU: Azimuth Scan Unit
ATSR: Along-Track Scanning Radiometer
CBA: Calibration Blackbody Assembly 3.1.
CBB: Calibration Black Body 3.1.
CCM: Cross-Correlation Method
DS: Deep Space
DSD: Data Set Descriptors
DSR: Data Set Record
DSS: Deep Space Simulator
ECMWF: European Center for Medium range Weather Forecast
ENVISAT: Environmental satellite
ERS: European Remote Satellite
ESP:Electronics Support Plate 3.1.
ESU: Elevation Scan Unit 3.1.
FCA: FPS Cooler Assembly 3.1.
FCE: Focal-plane Cooler Electronics
FCE: Fringe Count Error
FEO: Front End Optics 3.1.
FFT: Fast Fourier Transform
FOV: Field of View
FPS: Focal Plane Subsystem 3.1.
FTS: Fourier Transform Spectrometer
FWHM: Full Width at Half Maximum
GADS: Global Annotated Data Set
GOMOS: Global Ozone Monitoring by Occultation of Stars
ICE: Instrument Control Electronics 3.1.
IFFT: Inverse Fast Fourier Transform
IFOV: Instantaneous Field of View
IGM: Interferogram
ILS: Instrumental Line Shape (see also here)
IMK: Institute for Meterology and Climate Research (Karlsruhe, Germany)
INT: Interferometer 3.1.
LBL: Line-by-line (method for computing absorption cross-sections)
LISA: Limb Sounder of the Atmosphere
LOS: Line Of Sight
LTE: Local Termodynamic Equilibrium
LUT: Look-Up-Table
MDS: Measurement Data Set
MDSR: Measurement Data Set Record
MERIS: MEdium Resolution Imaging Specrometer
MIE: MIPAS Electronics module 3.1.
MIO: MIPAS Optical module 3.1.
MIPAS: Michelson Interferometer for Passive Atmospheric Sounding
MPD: Maximum Path Difference 5.3.2.
MPD: MIPAS Power Distribution unit
MPH: Main Product Header
MW: Microwindow
NESR: Noise Equivalent Spectral Radiance
NL: Non Linearity
NRT: Near Real Time
OCB: Blackbody Optical Calibration facility
OCF: Optical Calibration Facility
ODS: Optical-path Difference Sensor 3.1.
OFM: Optimized Forward Model
OM: Occupation Matrix
OPD: Optical Path Difference
ORM: Optimized Retrieval Model
PAW: PreAmplifier Warm 3.1.
PC: PhotoConductive
PDS: Payload Data Segment
PFM: Peak Finding Method
PLM: Payload Module
PRT: Platinum Resistance Thermometer
PV: PhotoVoltaic
RAM: Random Access Memory
RFM: Reference Forward Model
RMS: Root Mean Squared
RSL: Radiometrically and Spectrally and Locally calibrated
SCIAMACHY: Scanning Imaging Absoprtion Spectrometer for Atmopsheric Chartography
SNR: Signal to Noise Ratio
SPC: Spectrum
SPE: Signal processing electronics 3.1.
SPH: Specific Product Header
UTC: Universial Time Coordinated
VCM: Variance Covariance Matrix
VMR: Volume Mixing Ratio
WGS84: World Geodetic System 1984
ZPD: Zero Path Difference

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