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6.6.5 ASAR external characterization data

The ASAR instrument has an External Characterisation Mode which is operated overflying a receiver setup for H or V polarisation located in the ground. During the mode, the ASAR transmits a sequence of pulses from each antenna row in turn.
These pulses are received and digitized on the ground and the data recorded for off-line analysis. Simultaneously during the mode the calibration loop in the instrument is used to couple transmit pulses which are then sampled within a calibration widow
in order to provide comparative values. The External Characterisation Data file is provided as the output of the external characterisation analysis and is used for internal calibration processing correction. It is updated nominally every 6 months.

SIZE: MPH(1247 bytes) + SPH (378 bytes) + GADS (596 bytes)

The MPH and SPH of these files will follow the standard MPH, SPH structure of all ENVISAT -1 auxiliary data. There is one Data Set Descriptor (DSD) in the SPH, known as the ASA_XCH_AX_GADS, and its format is given below:

Table 6.41 ASAR external characterization data

Contains ASAR external characterization data

# Description Units Count Type Size
Data Record
0 dsr_time
Time of characterisation
MJD 1 mjd 12 byte(s)
1 dsr_length
Length of this DSR in bytes
bytes 1 ul 4 byte(s)
2 complex_loop_factors
Complex loop paths characterisation factors relative to free space (from External Characterisation data).

gnp where n is the index of the row (1 to 32) and p is the index of the polarisation (H or V). Arranged H: 1 to 32, V: 1-32). Values are complex (I,Q) pairs.

- 128 fl 128*4 byte(s)
3 pointing_error
Antenna pointing error (from External Characterisation data)

This is used to calculate the elevation angle: elevation angle = reference elevation angle

deg 1 fl 4 byte(s)
4 spare_1
- 1 SpareField 64 byte(s)
Record Length : 596

DS_NAME : Contains ASAR external characterization data

Format Version 114.0  

Note: relating to field# 4 within this table :

As a mathematical expression, the antenna pointing error is given image elevation angle = reference elevation angle image