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ASAR Data Formats Products
Geolocation Grid ADSRs
Doppler Centroid parameters
Chirp parameters
Antenna Elevation pattern
ASAR external characterization data
ASAR external calibration data
Level 0 SPH
Level 0 MDSR
SPH for auxiliary data with N=1 DSDs
Wave Mode Geolocation ADS
ASAR Wave Mode Products Base SPH
Slant Range to Ground Range conversion parameters
Measurement Data Set containing spectra. 1 MDSR per spectra.
Ocean Wave Spectra
Map Projection parameters
ASAR Image Products SPH
Measurement Data Set 1
Auxilliary Products
ASA_XCH_AX: ASAR External characterization data
ASA_XCA_AX: ASAR External calibration data
ASA_INS_AX: ASAR Instrument characterization
ASA_CON_AX: ASAR Processor Configuration
Browse Products
ASA_WS__BP: ASAR Wide Swath Browse Image
ASA_IM__BP: ASAR Image Mode Browse Image
ASA_GM__BP: ASAR Global Monitoring Mode Browse Image
ASA_AP__BP: ASAR Alternating Polarization Browse Image
Level 0 Products
ASA_WV__0P: ASAR Wave Mode Level 0
ASA_WS__0P: ASAR Wide Swath Mode Level 0
ASA_MS__0P: ASAR Level 0 Module Stepping Mode
ASA_IM__0P: ASAR Image Mode Level 0
ASA_GM__0P: ASAR Global Monitoring Mode Level 0
ASA_EC__0P: ASAR Level 0 External Characterization
ASA_APV_0P: ASAR Alternating Polarization Level 0 (Cross polar V)
ASA_APH_0P: ASAR Alternating Polarization Level 0 (Cross polar H)
ASA_APC_0P: ASAR Alternating Polarization Level 0 (Copolar)
Level 1 Products
ASA_IMS_1P: ASAR Image Mode Single Look Complex
ASA_IMP_1P: ASAR Image Mode Precision Image
ASA_IMM_1P: ASAR Image Mode Medium Resolution Image
ASA_IMG_1P: ASAR Image Mode Ellipsoid Geocoded Image
ASA_GM1_1P: ASAR Global Monitoring Mode Image
ASA_APS_1P: ASAR Alternating Polarization Mode Single Look Complex
ASA_APP_1P: ASAR Alternating Polarization Mode Precision Image
ASA_APM_1P: ASAR Alternating Polarization Medium Resolution Image product
ASA_WSS_1P: Wide Swath Mode SLC Image
ASA_WVS_1P: ASAR Wave Mode Imagette Cross Spectra
ASA_WSM_1P: ASAR Wide Swath Medium Resolution Image
ASA_APG_1P: ASAR Alternating Polarization Ellipsoid Geocoded Image
Level 2 Products
ASA_WVW_2P: ASAR Wave Mode Wave Spectra
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ASA_WVI_1P: ASAR Wave Mode SLC Imagette and Imagette Cross Spectra
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5.1 Acronyms and Abbreviations

Table 5.1
AATSR Advanced Along-track Scanning Radiometer (ENVISAT)
AC Across-Track
ACCC Average Cross Correlation Coefficient
ADC Analog-To-Digital Converter
ADS Annotation Data Set
ADSR Annotation Data Set Record
ADU Analogue to Digital Unit
AERONET Aerosol Robotic Network
AGC Automatic Gain Control
AISP Annotated Instrument Source Packet
AL Along-Track
AMI Active Microwave Instrument
AMT Atlantic Meridian Transect
AO Announcement of Opportunity
AOI Announcement of Opportunity Instrument
AP Alternating Polarisation Mode
APB Alternating Polarisation Browse Image
APG Alternating Polarisation Mode Ellipsoid Geocoded image
API Application Process Identifier
APM Alternation Polarisation Medium-Resolution product
APP Alternating Polarisation Precision Product
APS Alternating Polarisation Mode Single-look Complex image
APSM Antenna Power Switching and Monitoring Subsystem
ARF Archiving Facility
ASA Antenna Sub-Assembly
ASAR Advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar
ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange
ASF Alaska SAR Facility
ASS Antenna Services Subsystem
AVHRR Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer
BAQ Block Adaptive Quantisation
BB Black Body
BOA Bottom Of the Atmosphere
BT Brightness Temperature
BUFR Binary Universal Form for meteorological data
Cal/Val Calibration / Validation
CASI Compact Airborne Spectrographic Imager
CCD Charge Coupled Device
CCC Cross Correlation Coefficient
CCRS Canadian Centre for Remote Sensing
CESA Control Electronics Sub-Assembly
CESAR Cold Atmospheric Emission Spectral Radiometer
CFRP Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic
CHAMP Comet Halley Active Monitoring programme
CMC Centre Monitoring and Control element
CNES Centre National d'"ɴudes des T鬩communications, France
COASTLOOC COAstal Surveillance Through Observation of Ocean Colour
CORINE Co-ordination of Information on the Environment
CP Characterisation Parameter --also-- Control Point
CRC Cyclic Redundancy Code
CSIRO Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation
CSS Control Subsystem
CTM Chemical Transport Model
CW Continuous Wave
DAR Doppler Ambiguity Resolver
DCE Doppler Centroid Estimation
DDKP Detailed Design Key Point
DDT Data Dictionary Tool
DEM Digital Elevation Model
DEP Doppler Estimation Processor
DFT Discrete Fourier Transform
DINSAR Differential Interferometric SAR
DLR Deutsche Forschungsanstalt ft und Raumfahrt, Germany
DMS Data Measurement Set
DOAS Differential Optical Absorption Spectrometre (SCIAMACHY)
DORIS Doppler Orbitography and Radiopositioning Integrated by Satellite
DS Data Set
DSD Data Set Descriptor
DSR Data Set Record
DTRAR Distributed Target Range Ambiguity Ratio
ECMWF European Centre for Medium-range Weather Forecasting
ECOC Electrochemical Ozone Cell
ECP Extracted Calibration Product
EDI ESA Developed Instrument
EIH Extracted Instrument Header
ELHYSA Etude de L'HYgrom鴲ie StrAtosph鲩que
ENL Equivalent Number of Looks
ENVISAT ENVIronment SATellite
EP Engineering Parameter
ERS European Remote Sensing Satellite
ESA European Space Agency
ESABC Envisat Stratospheric Aircraft and Balloon Campaign
ESL Expert Support Laboratory
ESOC European Space Operations Centre, Darmstadt, Germany
ESOV Earth Map and Swaths Visualisation tool
ESRIN ESA's Earth Observation Centre, Frascati, Italy
ESTEC European Space Research and Technology Centre, Noordwijk, The Netherlands
FBAQ Flexible Block Adaptive Quantisation
FC False Colour
FCC False Colour Composite
FE Fixed Exponent Quantisation
FEP Front End Processor
FFT Fast Fourier Transform
FIR Finite Impulse Response
FISH Fast In situ Stratospheric Hygrometre
FM Frequency Modulation (also Flight Model)
FOS Flight Operations Segment ( on ground )
FOV Field Of View
FOZAN Fast Ozone Analyser
FTIR Fourier-Transform Infrared Spectrometer
FTS Fourier-Transform Absorption Spectrometer
FWHM Full Width at Half Maximum
GADS Global Annotation Data Set
GCP Ground Control Point
GDR Geophysical Data Record
GEC Geocoded Image
GIS Geographic Information System
GM Global Monitoring Mode
GMB Global Monitoring Mode Browse Image
GMI Global Monitoring Mode product
GOCE Gravity and steady-state Ocean Circulation Explorer
GOME Global Ozone Monitoring Experiment
GOMOS Global Ozone Monitoring by Occultation of the Stars
GPS Global Positioning System
GR Ground Range
GRACE Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment
GRIB Gridded Binary Format (meteorological data interchange format)
GSRT Ground segment Reference Time
GUV Ground-based Ultraviolet Radiometer
HEX Hexadecimal Number Representation
HDF Hierarchical Data Format
HH Horizontal Polarisation Transmitted/Horizontal Polarisation Received
HKTML House Keeping Telemetry Data
HR High Rate
HV Horizontal Polarisation Transmitted/Vertical Polarisation Received
HWHM Half Width at Half Maximum
Hz Hertz
ICU Instrument Control Unit
ID Identifier
IDEFOV Instantaneous Detector Element Field of View
IECF Instrument Engineering Calibration Facility
IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
IF Intermediate Frequency
I/F Interface
IFFT Inverse Fast Fourier Transform
IFOV Instantaneous Field of View
IGDR Interim Geophysical Data Record
ILS Instrument Line Shape
IM Image Mode
IMB Image Mode Browse Image
IMG Image Mode ellipsoid Geocoded image
IMM Image Mode Medium resolution image
IMP Image Mode Precision image
IMS Image Mode Single-Look Complex image
InSAR Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar
IPC Inter-Process communication
IPF Instrument Processing Facility
I/Q In-Phase/Quadrature Channels
IR Incident Report --also -- InfraRed
IRF Impulse Response Function
IRW Impulse Response Width
ISAR Inverted Synthetic Aperture Radar
ISLR Integrated Side Lobe Ratio.
ISP Instrument Source Packet
JPL Jet Propulsion Labratory
kB kiloBytes (also: kBytes)
LADS Location Annotation Data Set
L1b Level 1b (product)
L2 Level 2 (product)
LCC Lambert Conformal Conic map projection
LIDAR LIght Detection And Ranging
LOS Line-Of-Sight
LR Low Rate
LSB Least Significant Bit (or Byte, depending on context)
LST Land Surface Temperature
LSW Least Significant Word
LUT Look-Up Table
LVI Live Vegetation Index
M-AERI Marine Atmosphere Emitted Radiance Interferometer
MAVT MERIS & AATSR Validation Team
MB MegaBytes (also: Mbytes)
MCD Measurement Confidence Data
MLCC Multi-Look Cross Correlation
MDA MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates
MDS Measurement Data Set
MDSR Measurement Data Set Record
MERIS MEdium-Resolution Imaging Specrometre
MERC Mercator map projection
METEOSAT Meteorological Satellite
MGVI MERIS Global Vegetation Index
MIPAS Michelson Interferometer for Passive Atmospheric Sounding
MISR Multi-angle Imaging Spectrometer
MJD Modified Julian Day
MLCC Multi-Look Cross Correlation
MODIS Moderate-Resolution Imagine Spectrometer
MOE Medium Accuracy Orbit
MPH Main Product Header
MSB Most Significant Bit (or Byte, depending on context)
MSG Meteosat Second Generation
MSW Most Significant Word
MTF Modulation Transfer Function
MWR Microwave Radiometer
N/A Not Applicable
NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration, USA
NASDA National Space Development Agency, Japan
NDSC Network for the Detection of Stratospheric Change
NESR Noise Equivalent Spectral Radiance
NILU Norwegian Institute for Air Research
NIR Near Infrared
NOAA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
NRT Near Real Time
NSP National Systems Projection
NWP Numerical Weather Predication
OBDH On-Board Data Handling
OBR On-Board Recorder
OBT On-Board Time
OFL Off-Line
OL On Line
OVID Optical Visible and near Infrared Detector
PAC Processing and Archiving Centre
PAR Photosynthetically Active Radiation
PARC Polarimetric Active Radar Calibrator
PCD Product Confidence Data
PDHS Payload Data Handling Station
PDS Payload Data Segment (ENVISAT)
PEAS Performance Evaluation Software
PF Processing Facility
PF-ASAR ASAR Processing Facility
PF-HS Processing Facility Host Structure
PGICD Payload to Ground Segment Interface Control Document
PI Principal Investigator
POD Precise Orbit Determination
POE Precise Orbit
POLDER Polarisation and Directionality of Earth'"s Reflectances
PRF Pulse Repetition Frequency
PRI Precision Image (ASAR) also Pulse Repetition Interval
PRN Pseudo Random Noise
PS Polar Stereographic map projection
PSLR Peak Side Lobe Ratio
PTI Pulse Transmission Interval
PTR Point Target Response
PTU Pressure Temperature Humidity
QM Qualification Model
Quad Pol Radar Quadrature Polarisation Radar
R/D Range/Doppler SAR Algorithm
RA-2 Radar Altimeter-2
RADAR Radio Detection And Ranging
RADARSAT RADAR SATellite ( developed by RADARSAT International, in Canada )
RAL Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, UK
RAR Real Aperture Radar
RAR MTF Real Aperture Radar Modulation Transfer Function
RCS Radar Cross Section
RCMC Range Cell Migration Correction
RERV Radar Estimated Rain Volume
RF Radio Frequency
RFOV Reduced Field of View
RISC Reduced Instruction Set Chip
RHI Radar Height Indicator ( also known as Range Height Indicator )
RM Range Matched
RMS Root Mean Squared
RMVT RA-2 / MWR Validation Team
R/S Remote Sensing
RS Reed-Solomon (error correction)
RR Reduced Resolution
S+M Sign plus Magnitude (fixed exponent) mode
SAFIRE Spectroscopy of the Atmosphere Far Infrared Emission
SAR Synthetic Aperture Radar
SASM Synthetic Aperture Strip Map
SBT Satellite Binary Time
SBUV Solar Backscatter Ultraviolet
ScanSAR Scanning SAR Imaging Technique (for wide swath coverage)
SCI Stripline Continuity Indicator
SCIAMACHY Scanning Imaging Absorption Spectrometre for Atmospheric Cartography
SEASAT Sea Satellite ( developed by NASA, in the USA )
SeaWiFS Sea Wide Field-of-view Spectrometre
SFA Steering Front Assembly
SLADS Sub-sampled Location Annotation Data Set (LADS)
SLAR Side-Looking Aperture Radar
SLC Single Look Complex Image
SLR Satellite Laser Ranging
SNR Signal-to-Noise Ratio
SOAZ Syst譥 d'"Analysis par Observations Z鮩thales
SODAP Switch-On and Data Acquisition Phased
SPCS State Plane Co-ordinate System
SPECAN Spectral Analysis SAR Algorithm
SPH Specific Product Header
SPOT Satellite pour l'"Observation de la Terre ( SPOT Image, in France )
SQ Summary Quality
SQADS Summary Quality Auxiliary Data Set
SQADSR Summary Quality Auxiliary Data Set Record
SR Slant Range
SR/GR Slant Range to Ground Range
SS Sub-Swath
SSST Skin Sea Surface Temperature
SST Sea Surface Temperature
STC Sensitivity Time Control
SWST Sampling Window Start Time
SZA Sun Zenith Angle
T/R Transmit/Receive
TBC To Be Confirmed
TBD To Be Determined ALSO To Be Defined
TCIU Tile Control Interface Unit
TIFF Tagged Image File Format
TM Transverse Mercator map projection
TOA Top Of the Atmosphere
TOAVI TOA Vegetation Index
TOMS Total Ozone Mapping Spectrometer
TOPEX Topography Experiment for Ocean Circulation
TRM T/R Modules
TSS Tile Subsystem
UPS Universal Polar Stereographic
USF User Service Facility
USO Ultra Stable Oscillator
UTC Universal Time Co-ordinated
UTM Universal Transverse Mercator
UV Ultraviolet
VCDU Virtual Channel Data Unit
VH Vertical Polarisation Transmitted/Horizontal Polarisation Received
VIP Verification Input parameter
VIS Visible
VLBI Very Long Baseline Interferometry
VMR Volume-Mixing Ratio
VV Vertical Polarisation Transmitted/ Vertical Polarisation Received
WAIS West Antarctic Ice Sheet
WGS84 World Geodetic System 1984
WS Wide Swath Mode
WSB Wide Swath Browse Image
WSM Wide Swath Medium-resolution image
WV Wave Mode
WVI Wave Mode SLC imagette and Imagette Cross Spectra image
WVS Wave Mode Imagette Cross Spectra image