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AATSR Data Formats Products
SST record 50 km cell MDS
BT/TOA Sea record 17 km cell MDS
Vegetation fraction for Land Surface Temperature Retrieval GADS
Topographic Variance data for Land Surface Temperature Retrieval GADS
Land Surface Temperature retrieval coefficients GADS
General Parameters for Land Surface Temperature Retrieval GADS
Climatology Variance Data for Land Surface Temperature Retrieval GADS
Level 0 SPH
Level 0 MDSR
Auxilliary Data SPH with N = 1
1.6 micron nadir view MDS
Summary Quality ADS
Scan pixel x and y ADS
Grid pixel latitude and longtitude topographic corrections ADS
Across-track Band Mapping Look-up Table
Configuration Data GADS
Processor configuration GADS
LST record 50 km cell MDS
Distributed product MDS
Level 2 SPH
10-arcminute mds
Limits GADS
Validation Parameters GADS
BT/TOA Land record 17 km cell MDS
General Parameters GADS
Temperature to Radiance LUT GADS
Radiance to Brightness Temperature LUT GADS
Medium/High Level Test LUT GADS
Infrared Histogram Test LUT GADS
11 Micron Spatial Coherence Test LUT GADS
11/3.7 Micron Nadir/Forward Test LUT GADS
11/12 Micron Nadir/Forward Test LUT GADS
Characterisation GADS
Browse Day_Time Colour LUT GADS
Browse SPH
Grid pixel latitude and longtitude topographic correction ADS
Level 2 SPH
Auxilliary Products
ATS_VC1_AX: Visible Calibration data
ATS_SST_AX: SST Retrieval Coeficients data
ATS_PC1_AX: Level-1B Processing configuration data
ATS_INS_AX: AATSR Instrument data
ATS_GC1_AX: General Calibration data
ATS_CH1_AX: Level-1B Characterization data
ATS_BRW_AX: Browse Product LUT data
Level 0 Products
ATS_NL__0P: AATSR Level 0 product
Browse Products
ATS_AST_BP: AATSR browse image
Level 1 Products
ATS_TOA_1P: AATSR Gridded brightness temperature and reflectance
Level 2 Products
ATS_NR__2P: AATSR geophysical product (full resolution)
ATS_MET_2P: AATSR Spatially Averaged Sea Surface Temperature for Meteo Users
ATS_AR__2P: AATSR averaged geophysical product
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Breakup of the Ross Ice Shelf
Land cover in the Middle East
Typhoon Saomai
Mutsu Bay, Japan
Deforestation in Brazil
Spatially Averaged Global SST, September 1993
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Why Choose AATSR Data?
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SST record 17 km cell MDS
Surface Vegetation class for Land Surface Temperature Retrieval GADS
1.6 micron forward view MDS
12 micron nadir view MDS
12 micron forward view MDS
Summary Quality ADS
Surveillance Limits GADS
Master Unpacking Definition Table GADS
1.6 micron Non-Linearity Correction LUT GADS
General Parameters GADS
Thin Cirrus Test LUT GADS
Fog/low Stratus Test LUT GADS
1.6 Micron Histogram
Browse MDS
ATS_CL1_AX: Cloud LUT data
Pre-flight characteristics and expected performance
Payload description, position on the platform
Auxiliary products
Auxiliary Data Sets for Level 1B processing
Summary of auxiliary data sets
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Image Pixel Geolocation
Level 0 Products
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Hints and Algorithms for Higher Level Processing
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Geophysical Coverage
Geophysical Measurements
Visible calibration coefficients GADS
Level 1B SPH
LST record 17 km cell MDS
Conversion Parameters GADS
12 Micron Gross Cloud Test LUT GADS
ATS_PC2_AX: Level-2 Processor Configuration data
Level 2 Products
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BT/TOA Sea record 50 km cell MDS
BT/TOA Land record 50 km cell MDS
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Chapter 5

5.1 Acronyms and Abbreviations

Table 5.1
AATSR Advanced Along Track Scanning Radiometer
(A)ATSR The ATSR and AATSR family of instruments
ADS Annotation Data Set
AGO Auto Gain/Offset
AISP Annotated Instrument Source Packet
AO Announcement of Opportunity
AOIP Announcement of Opportunity Instrument Provider
AOCS Attitude and Orbit Control System
AST Averaged Surface Temperature
ATSR Along Track Scanning Radiometer
ATSR-1 Along Track Scanning Radiometer - 1
ATSR-2 Along Track Scanning Radiometer - 2
AVHRR Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer
BBC Black Body Cavity
BBU Black Body electronics Unit
BOL Beginning of Life
BPU Blanking Pulse Unit
BT Brightness Temperature
CATSA Calibration And Thermal Simulation Assembly
CCU Cooler Control Unit
CGU Clock Generator Unit
CMT Cadmium Mercury Telluride
COTS Commercial Off the Shelf (tools)
CRC Cyclic Redundancy Check
CTB Command and Telemetry Bus
CTH Cloud Top Height
CTP Cryogenic Temperature Sensor Processing
CTT Cloud Top Temperature
DBU Digital Bus Unit
DEFRA Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
DEM Digital Elevation Model
DSD Data Set Descriptor
DEU Digital Electronics Unit
ECMWF European Centre for Medium range Weather Forecasting
EMI Electromagnetic Interference
ENVI Environment for Visualising Images
ENVISAT Environmental Satellite
EOL End Of Life
ERS-1 European Remote Sensing Satellite - 1
ERS-2 European Remote Sensing Satellite - 2
ESA European Space Agency
FEP Front End Processor
FOS Flight Operations Segment (ENVISAT) or Flight Operations Support (AATSR)
FPA Focal Plane Assembly
FWHM Full Width Half Maximum
GADS Global Annotation Data Set
GBTR Gridded Brightness Temperature/Reflectance
GST Gridded Surface Temperature
HDF Hierarchical Data Format
HSM High Speed Multiplexer
HSU Heater Switching Unit
ICU Instrument Control Unit
IDL Interactive Data Language
IEU Instrument Electronics Unit
IFOV Instantaneous Field Of View
IOM Instrument Operations Manual
IPF Instrument Processor Facility
IRFPA Infrared Focal Plane Assembly
ISP Instrument Source Packet
IVR Infrared Visible Radiometer
JFET Junction Field Effect Transistor
K kelvin
L0 Level 0
L1B Level 1B
L2 Level 2
LRAC Low Rate Reference Archive Centre
LSB Least Significant Bit
LSM Land-Sea mask
LST Land Surface Temperature
LUT Look Up Table
MDS Measurement Data Set
MJD Modified Julian Date
MLI Multi Layer Insulation
MPH Main Product Header
MSS Multi-Spectral Scanner
MXBB -X Black Body
NDVI Normalised Difference Vegetation Index
NIR Near Infrared
NOAA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
NRT Near Real Time
OBDH On Board Data Handling System
OBT On Board Time
OSV Orbit State Vector
PAC Processing and Archiving Centre
PCSU Power Conditioning and Switching Unit
PDHS Payload Data Handling Stations
PDS Payload Data Segment
PEB Payload Equipment Bay
PFHS Processing Facility Host Structure
PL-PDU Payload Power Distribution Unit
PMA Paraboloid Mirror Assembly
PP Prototype Processor
PRT Platinum Resistance Thermometer
PSF Point Spread Function
PXBB +X Black Body
RA Radar Altimeter
RAL Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
RIRT Rhodium Iron Resistance Thermometer
RT Radiative Transfer
SADIST Synthesis of ATSR Data Into Sea-surface Temperature
SBT Satellite Binary Time
SCC Stirling Cycle Cooler
SCP Signal Channel Processor
SM Service Module or Scan Mirror
SMD Scan Mirror Drive
SMU Scan Mirror Unit
SODAP Switch-On and Data Acquisition Phase
SOT Select on Test
SPA Signal Preamplifier Assembly
SPH Specific Product Header
SST Sea Surface Temperature
TCS Thermal Control Subsystem
TDS Test Data Set
TIR Thermal Infrared
TM Thematic Mapper or Telemetry
TOA Top Of Atmosphere
TSAD Temperature Sensor A/D converter
TSM Temperature Sensor Multiplexer
TVCI Temperature sensor and Viscal monitor CTB Interface
UK-PAC United Kingdom Processing and Archiving Centre
USF User Service Facility
UTC Universal Time Coordinated
VCDU Virtual Channel Data Unit
VFPA Visible Focal Plane Assembly
VisCal Visible Calibration system
VNIR Visible and Near InfraRed

5.2 Glossary

The Instantaneous Field of View (IFOV) is defined as the solid angle over which an optical system is sensitive to incoming radiation at an instant in time. The IFOV, in the AATSR Instrument Performance Requirements, is taken to be defined by an optical field stop. Optical effects such as diffraction and defocusing are excluded from this definition of the IFOV.

Note: Certain specific terms relating to the AATSR data processing algorithms are also defined in Section 2.3. Definitions and Conventions